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Revving Up for Adventure: Expedition Europe

By: Charles Tzinberg

In late September 2024, I hope to board a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, Germany. I'll rent a car for the 1.5-hour drive to Nürburg, Germany, where I'll pick up a BMW M240i xDrive (G42) for the rest of the trip. The BMW will be set up for racing, including a race harness and a roll-over cage. It has left-hand drive, with the same engine and transmission as my Supra. The only significant differences are that the Supra is rear-wheel drive while the BMW is all-wheel drive, the Supra is 500 pounds lighter, and it's a 2-seater compared to the BMW's 4. If you are really interested, this video compares them: Which is the Better BMW? 2022 Toyota Supra vs BMW M240i.

 I will be traveling in Europe and driving with a group of about 30 others, ranging in experience from intermediate to racer. Ross Bentley, passionate about enhancing performance for individuals across all racing disciplines, organized the tours to share his extensive experience and insights gained from competing alongside racing legends and coaching drivers of all levels. I'll spend two days on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack, which has hosted races since 1927. It is called "The Ring" and "The Green Hell" and is considered the most difficult track in the world—13 miles long with over 150 corners. Many are familiar with the Ring from video games like Forza, Gran Turismo, and Assetto Corsa. I'll spend one day on the famous Spa-Francorchamps ("the Spa") track in Belgium, which is the circuit most Formula One drivers claim to be the most challenging.