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Meet Charles Tzinberg

A Legacy of CPA Firm Leadership

Professional Journey

Charles Tzinberg, the visionary sole shareholder of our firm, has been at the forefront of the accounting and financial services industry since 1983. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with an illustrious career spanning over four decades, Charles embodies a legacy of excellence and dedication. His academic credentials include a bachelor of Science in accounting and certification as a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. This blend of education and certification underscores his expertise in addressing complex tax issues and financial challenges.

Contributions to the Profession

An esteemed member of the accounting community, Charles holds memberships in the Professional Association of Small Business Accountants and the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in his past roles as founding member of the CPA Advisory Board of SageWorks, Inc., Advisory Board Member for Thomson Reuters, President of the Accountants Advanced Marketing Network, and an original member of the RootWorks Academy. These positions highlight his commitment to advancing the accounting profession and mentoring the next generation of accountants.

Impactful Leadership

Under Charles's stewardship, the firm has seen significant advancements in process optimization, technology integration, and communication enhancement. Our firm has always been among the first in the country to embrace technology, such as Web portals, electronic filing, paperless storage, storing all data and programs on the cloud, etc. His proficiency in reviewing financial statements, tax preparation, and wealth management services, ensures our clients’ financial health and security. Charles's forward-thinking approach has consistently driven our firm to new heights, setting a standard for excellence in the industry.

Engagement and Achievements

Beyond his professional realm, Charles is a recognized speaker, having contributed his insights at multiple Thomson Reuters annual users' conferences and engagements with the Illinois State Bar Association and Missouri Society of CPAs. His passion for excellence extends to personal pursuits as well; he finished the Chicago Marathon and won first place trophies from the American Motocross District 18.

Personal Life and Interests

Charles's fulfillment comes not just from professional success but also from a rich family life. As a dedicated father and grandfather, he treasures moments spent with his family. His enthusiasm for racing cars (including an upcoming trip to the famous and challenging NĂĽrburgring track in Germany) reflects his relentless pursuit of improvement and excellence, mirroring the dedication he brings to his professional endeavors.

Legacy of Excellence

With a career dedicated to guiding small businesses through the complexities of financial management and tax planning, Charles Tzinberg stands as a pillar of integrity, innovation, and leadership. His contribution to our clients and the accounting community is immeasurable, and we are privileged to have him lead our firm into the future.