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Meet Christi Geggus

Pioneering Leadership and Excellence in Accounting

Professional Expertise

Christi Geggus, a cornerstone of our leadership team since 2006, boasts an impressive academic background with bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting, complemented by her credentials as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a QuickBooks®. Her profound knowledge and dedication are mirrored in her contributions to our firm's strategic growth and operational excellence.

Leadership and Strategy

As our Senior Manager, Christi plays a pivotal role in shaping our strategic direction. She enhances operational processes and embraces technological advancements, ensuring efficient and superior service delivery. Her keen oversight in the review of financial statements and tax returns underscores our commitment to precision and reliability.

Personal Dedication

Balancing professional rigor with personal fulfillment, Christi cherishes her family time, actively engages in community services, and explores the world with zest. Her commitment to work-life harmony enriches our firm's culture, inspiring a balanced approach to professional and personal pursuits.